Kachemek Bay State Park

Our last stop in Alaska was a ferry ride over to Kachemek State Park (other than the awesome Bear Tooth Theaterpub in Anchorage while waiting for a very late flight).

Day 10 (29)You have to hire a private boat company, but the process was very easy.  Disclaimer:  this was not their busy season.  We saw more sea otters, and really, can you have too many sea otters?

Day 10 (22)

The ferry staff was happy to help us choose a trail, and we arranged our drop off and pick up point.  This was a little more structured than we like, but we did not want to miss the boat and spend the night with the bears either.

Day 10 (47)The Grewingk Glacier Trail is beautiful, and the glacier is about halfway around.  We were able to stay by the lake for a nice rest and lunch.  Not a bad view!

Day 10 (162)Pieces of ice are continually breaking off, and they form really interesting shapes as they melt.  I particularly liked Puff the Magic Iceberg…

Day 10 (204)The trail back to shore was steep in places, but it was lovely.

Day 10 (300)I hope you enjoyed our trip to Alaska.  Our travels will continue in no particular order…

Next stop:  The High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA


One thought on “Kachemek Bay State Park

  1. Lucy April 10, 2015 / 7:55 am

    What a beautiful place! Looks like it’s been quite a trip!


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