Quito, Ecuador

I want to take a quick break from our recent travels in Utah.  While moving some photos to my new computer, I ran across my trip to Ecuador with my father, and I was inspired to share some with you.


We began and ended our Ecuador adventure in Quito. Even after visiting rainforests and the Galapagos, Quito remained a beautiful wonder.  Quito is situated beneath an active volcano.  Yep – it could blow at any time.  The textiles for sale are incredible, and I wish I could decorate my entire home with them. (I managed to bring home a few).


The people of Ecuador speak primarily Spanish, or Quichua, or a mix of both.  I also see the indigenous language spelled Quechua, but I figure the official Ecuador website knows their stuff.  The people in the markets and on the street were very friendly and patient with my limited Spanish.


We traveled with a group of teachers, college students, and a few retirees.  It was a great way to see the area safely without the inconveniences of a large tour group.  We felt very safe here, but it is always important to learn about local culture and basic safety practices.  In Quito, locals prefer for women to dress modestly (leave those jungle tanks and shorts in the suitcase), and there are occasional pick pockets.  Don’t keep your money in obvious places – just like you should in any large American city.


I really enjoy seeing a lot of architecture and local crafts when I travel, and I was certainly not disappointed.


 This shop is famous for their hand dyed and woven rugs.


Transportation to the mountain towns and jungles was a new experience.  We may have broken down a couple times, but strangers were always happy to get us back on the road.

I hope this gorgeous city is always easily accessible to tourists.  I will share my Galapagos and Amazon pictures after I find my notes with travel details (a little more complicated than the easy international flight from Miami to Quito).


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